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Just Released Dr. Stephan Poulter's Relaxation Factor MP3 Downloads. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION. As a mother or a father, you will have a profound impact on every area of your child's life. You will teach him or her far more than how to tie a shoe, read a map, cook a meal or work through a long division equation. You will teach your child how to manage and express powerful emotions such as love, sadness, anger, compassion and fear. These are the lessons that will take root and flourish in your child's future relationships, career and parenting style.

Even if you are not a parent, there is no question that you have, or had, a mother and a father — in and sometimes out — of your life. Whether your parents loved and cared for you, abused you, ignored you or abandoned you, they each taught you lessons about living in the world that affect you to this day.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Stephan Poulter has spent the last 35 years counseling and educating families, helping mothers and fathers to become better parents to their sons and daughters.

The information on this website will encourage you to explore your relationships with your own mother and father, grieve any hurt they may have caused you, forgive yourself for any you may have caused them, and move forward as a healthier, happier and more successful human being. Even if you have no children, you can benefit from deeper insights into your own childhood and how your experiences have influenced your life.

Please feel free to visit our pages. You can read the practical tips and consider further exploration of any topics that interest you by signing up for Dr. Poulter's keynote speeches, workshops and counseling sessions. You will be amazed by the powerful and lasting influence of the first relationship you ever had — the relationship with your parents.

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