Relaxation Factor: Series Two


Dr. Poulter first experienced “mindfulness,” “guided imagery” and/or hypnosis over twenty five years ago while in graduate school.



Dr. Poulter first experienced “mindfulness,” “guided imagery” and/or hypnosis over twenty five years ago while in graduate school. He knew immediately it was an invaluable tool for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, past or present trauma, phobias, cure for sleeplessness, getting pregnant, male/female sexual dysfunction issues, addictive behaviors, weight loss, stop smoking, drug abuse issues and most psychological challenges that people face on daily basis. Since that time in his psychological practice, he has done over 3,000 inductions (states of relaxation) for his clients of all ages. Dr. Poulter knows from over twenty-five years of direct clinical experience and practice that most significant psychological, emotional, anxiety, depressive moods and mental healing is greatly enhanced by the use and understanding of “relaxation.”

Dr. Poulter firmly believes and knows that anyone can be a participant with Hypnosis, which is a deep state of relaxation. If you can fall asleep then you are capable of developing your ability to relax when the “storms” of your life become overwhelming and you want to maintain your emotional balance and inner peace. Dr. Poulter is an author and a licensed clinical psychologist that incorporated this modality into his everyday life and clinical practice. Relaxation is a very powerful tool for achieving new levels of personal, professional success and relationship accomplishment.

  • Session 1 – Lightening Your Emotional Load: reducing your Depression and sense of loss by “unpacking” your life, letting go of regret, resentment and betrayal. No longer “crying” over the past or focusing on past mistakes. Looking and experiencing your life from nonjudgmental perspective. Rewriting your emotional life script: You have the sole right and privilege of rewriting how your life goes forward from this moment. Replacing loss with hope.
  • Session 2 – Limitless Opportunities: assessing your Potential as you develop greater degrees of self-confidence. Opening the three closed doors in your life! Only you know what those doors are. Moving toward your future from this moment. Skipping the psychological “drive/examination” into your past, not “wasting” your energy on yesterday. Allowing your dreams and unspoken wishes/motivations to be part of your everyday life and guide your future.
  • Session 3 – Creating Hope in a Terrible Moment: developing the bigger, and larger positive perspective on your current struggles. Reducing your sense of desperation, fear of the unknown with a new and wider perspective of your life. Conquering your mountain of despair and hopelessness. Persistence is omnipotent and climbing your personal mountains creates a sense of confidence and contentment.
  • Session 4 – Deep Sleep: uncovering your night terrors of sleeplessness, insomnia and interrupted sleep. Tapping into your deeper emotional states of peacefulness and restfulness. Learning new behavioral states of relaxation. Allowing your body, mind and soul to completely rest and recharge nightly. Clearing your mental “hard drive” of the concerns, worries and fears that come to bed with you.

Important To Read Prior To Listening To The Relaxation Factor Sessions

We trust that you will benefit from listening to Dr. Stephan Poulter’s Relaxation Factor, and wish to convey a few simple ideas to keep in mind before you listen to any of the sessions in it. Do not listen to any of the sessions in The Relaxation Factor while driving a motor vehicle or doing anything that requires your careful attention: such as tending to your child, running, cooking, bathing, working, or watching a movie. Otherwise, virtually any time is a good time to become more mindful and relaxed. Pick a time of day or situation that is conducive to maximizing your ability to relax by finding a quiet place to close your eyes and let go of your day. There is no “right way” to use the Relaxation Factor: repetition is the best way to retrain and create new ideas about how to manage your daily circumstances and life. Listen to the Relaxation Factor frequently, over weeks and months to achieve the maximum benefit from it.