The Father Factor


Essential reading for parents and anyone in business looking to move up the ladder and reach their professional potential



The Father Factor: How Your Father’s Legacy Impacts Your Career, by Stephan B. Poulter, PhD., provides refreshing, new, intuitive insights into the elusive career and interpersonal challenges professionals face most often in the workplace from a paternal relationship perspective.

The most common and debilitating professional struggles we experience “interpersonal conflict, power-plays, gender issues, self-doubt” are directly connected to Five predominant fathering styles, which Dr. Poulter defines as:

  • The Super Achiever Father
  • The Time Bomb Father
  • The Passive Father
  • The Absent Father
  • The Compassionate / Mentor Father

Dr. Poulter guides you through the process of understanding your Father Factor as an invaluable resource and necessary step towards achieving greater professional success and personal satisfaction with a series of tips and tools, Q&A, quizzes, first person accounts and analysis to uncover the following:

  • What is your Father Factor and how does it affect your career?
  • The Big 7 Father Factor issues in all careers.
  • The Top 10 qualities and behaviors to get on the career fast-track.
  • Your style of attachment and its impact in your professional life.
  • How understanding your Father Factor will move your career forward.
  • Your Professional Toolbox: 8 tools you need to reach personal and professional goals.

By becoming aware of how your father related to you, particularly in a destructive relationship, you’ll understand how your career relationships in many ways mirror your degree of comfort with your father’s emotional legacy. In this way, career roadblocks often based on interactions with people on the job will be more easily transformed into career building blocks that will lead to advancement and success.