How One Psychologist is Getting Men to Go to the Doctor


Lorna Garano


In his new book, Modern Masculinity, psychologist Stephen B. Poulter shows men how to get over their fear and get to the doctor.

… a fresh and thoughtful take on what it means to be a man today.

-Publishers Weekly

Yes, it’s a cliché, but it also happens to be true. Men put off and avoid going to the doctor, sometimes until it’s tragically too late. In MODERN MASCULINITY: A COMPASSIONATE GUIDEBOOK TO MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH (Prometheus, March 2024) Stephan B. Poulter, Ph.D., an acclaimed psychologist, takes a deep dive into the real reasons why men avoid medical care. He then shows them how to overcome the resistance that undermines their well-being and—in the worst cases—may threaten their lives.  

Stephan B. Poulter is available for interview. He can also provide an excerpt from MODERN MASCULINITY. Here is just some of what he can discuss: 

  • Overcoming macho delusions: “The sense of invincibility is more than a young man’s fantasy; rather, it’s the delusional foundational cement of the ‘macho’ masculine model,” writes Poulter. He shows how destructive beliefs about masculinity undermine men’s health and lie at the heart of medical avoidance and non-compliance.
  • Six questions every man needs to ask about his health: Poulter offers a handy list of questions to help men identify their specific health needs and better understand how to address them with a doctor.
  • The real reason men won’t go to the doctor: In his decades of clinical practice Poulter has heard any number of excuses from men for avoiding the doctor. When he peeks behind them, he often finds the same two culprits: fear of losing control and shame. He helps men navigate these difficult emotions and keep them from derailing their health and life.
  • Decoding the body: The body often sends signals that warn of both physical and psychological trouble. Sadly, many men often ignore these vital warning signs. Poulter shows men how to “read” the important messages that their bodies send.
  • Physical and mental health are inseparable: Understanding how the body responds to psychological stress, trauma, and difficult emotions is key to optimal health. Poulter illuminates the critical connection between physical and mental heath and illustrates how the two impact each other.

Stephan B. Poulter, Ph.D., is a renowned Los Angeles based clinical psychologist in private practice with over thirty years of experience. Dr. Poulter brings a fresh and original perspective as a former law-enforcement office, seminary graduate, psychologist, father, and author to some of the timeless questions of families, parents, fathers, mothers, marriage/divorce, and emotional shame.

He is the author of The Shame Factor, The Art of Successful Failure, Your Ex-Factor, The Mother Factor, The Father Factor, and Father Your Son. Dr. Poulter is married, a father of four children and father to four dogs. He resides in Los Angeles, California.