Counseling / Therapy Services

Dr. Poulter has spent over the last thirty-five years addressing the myriad of human, family and everyday issues that we all face and deal with.

Some of his expansive expertise is with working with children, adolescences and adults from ages 7-87 years. He works with all types of anxiety, depression, trauma in all forms, self-hypnosis/mindfulness for all emotional conditions: fear of flying, stop smoking, over eating, panic attacks and many more issues. Guided imagery, mindfulness training, mind/body connections are all parts of the therapeutic treatment that Dr. Poulter employs.

Dr. Poulter treats a wide range of psychological/family challenges including couples counseling, parenting teenagers, stay at home millennium sons/daughters issues, single parenting, blended family dynamics, processing of divorce, child-custody management, inpatient psychiatric care, anxiety and anti-depressant medication management and change of life transitions (job loss, retirement, empty nest syndrome), trauma, and post traumatic stress symptoms. Additionally, Dr. Poulter diagnoses and provides treatment of all categories of mental health and Attention-Deficit, Autism and Asperger’s issues. 

Please feel free to contact Dr. Poulter, to discuss any of your concerns and therapy/counseling questions.

Counseling / Therapy Services
  • Phone Therapy Sessions; phone consultation
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy