Presentations & Workshops

Dr. Poulter offers a variety of keynote presentations and workshops customized to meet your needs in a variety of settings, including pre-schools, schools (K-12), professional and community organizations.

Generally, Dr. Poulter’s keynote presentations last one hour. Some workshops offer more intensive exploration and may last a day or more.

Keynote Speaking Presentations/Workshops

  • The Mother Factor: How Your Mother Impacts Your Emotional Legacy.
  • The Father Factor: How Your Father’s Legacy Impacts Your Career.
  • The Parent Factor: Ten Elements of Successful Parenting.
  • Finding Your Father: Learn How “Lost Daughters” Can Heal Their Wounds and Become Healthy, Happy Women.
  • Complete Mothering: How to Give Your Children the Mother You Never Had.
  • Blended Families: Making Life Work With Your Children, Stepchildren, Your “Ex” and New Partners.
  • Stay Together for the Kids? Knowing When to Leave a Marriage or Long Term Relationship When Children Are Involved.
  • The Journey Begins: Starting Fatherhood on the Right Foot.
  • Living Single: Navigating the Dating World as a Single Mother or Father.
  • Finding Your Father: Learn How “Lost Sons” Can Heal Their Wounds and Become Healthy, Happy Men.
  • You Can’t Have It All: Striking a Balance Between Your Needs as a Parent and the Needs of Your Children.
  • It’s Not Just For Adults: Recognizing and Helping Your Depressed Child.
  • Tired of Games? How to Manage Computer Game Time With Your Teenage Boys.
  • Fathers and Discipline: The Art of Raising Civilized Kids.
  • Come Unglued: Getting Beyond Anger, Resentment and Disappointment to Move Forward With Your Life.
  • The Terrible Teens: Guiding Your Child Through This Tumultuous Stage of Life. (Click here for more information. )
  • Making It Work: The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a New Family.
  • The Fork in the Road: Why Being a “Best Friend” Parent Is Bad News?
  • After The Divorce: How to Co-Parent With An Adversary.
  • How Much Is Too Much? Managing Money and Purchases With The “Me-Me” Generation.
  • The Diplomatic Dance: Your Adult Children and Your New Marriage.
  • Getting What You Want: How to Create The Life, Family and Intimate Relationship You Have Always Desired.
  • Dad From a Distance: Moving Beyond the Pain of Divorce to Become More Than Just a Weekend Dad.
  • The Holidays are for Sharing: How to Balance Children’s Holiday Time Between Yourself and Your “Ex.”
  • Managed Chaos: What Do You Do When Your Children Are Out of “Control?”
  • New Beginnings: Creating Our Lives After a Divorce.
  • Time-Bomb Parents: Managing Your Anger While You Raise Your Children.
  • Super Stepfathers: Stepping Into Your New Role With Confidence and Love.
  • Spiritual Parenting: Your Role in Bringing up Happy, Healthy, Moral Children. Dr. Poulter works with religious organizations of all types, drawing on his years in theological seminary and his experience counseling thousands of parents. He views spiritual parenting as an ecumenical subject and offers advice that applies to fathers and mothers of all faiths