Dad from a Distance: How to Be a Good Father When You Don’t Live With Your Child

Being a father is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Fathering a child who doesn’t live with them full-time is so difficult and painful that many men eventually quit trying to be the best parent that they can be. They disengage from their child physically and emotionally, without realizing the powerful and critical role they play in their child’s life.

The Complete Mother: Who – and What – is She?

This is a mother who clearly knows what she is doing with her son or daughter. There is no lack of insight or empathy; she is emotionally balanced. The complete mother fully understands the incredible role she plays and influence she will have on her children now and for the rest of their lives. This mother has the ability to figure out what her daughters or sons need, want, and desire, and she helps them to get it or creates the opportunity for it.